How much does it cost to use CQuest.earth?

CQuest.Earth is currently free. However, we will add premium features in the future that can be accessed through a subscription plan.

What is the spatial resolution?

We are starting out with MODIS vegetation indices which come with a native spatial resolution of 250×250 Meters. When drawing polygons, the values displayed in the chart are averages over the drawn areas. Stay tuned for more satellite sensor products with more fine-grained spatial resolution in the near future.

Where are you sourcing your data?

We aggregate information from various reputable public sources. Among them are datasets from ESA’s Copernicus Satellites, NASA’s Landsat program and many others. We will continuously be adding features to the platform, so stay tuned!

What Engine are you using?

We are using the Google Earth Engine to compute many of our analysis. Have a look at the blog post our CTO and co-founder Julian has written about the topic.

How can I provide feedback on the tool?

If you want to provide general feedback, comment on our approach or have any other question, please contact us under feedback@CQuest.ai.

How can I submit requests for features?

Please submit any feature requests to request@CQuest.ai. We value our users input and take every message into consideration

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