Only satellite imagery can offer deep insights into the carbon life-cycle of soils everywhere. Harness this knowledge with just a few clicks of your mouse — let CQuest do the rest!

We offer…

Feasibility Calculations

Streamline the vetting of new NCS projects for your organization. Take a detailed historical look at specific areas of interest with hundreds of data points per hectare. Let CQuest take the guesswork out of developing your projects.

(In Development)

Baseline Studies

Understand and visualize the historic carbon life-cycle of your new project area. The Carbon team at CQuest offers increased accuracy of baseline measurements through our innovative remote sensing approach.

(In Development)

MRV Suport

The CQuest Carbon team is here to assist in the MRV process of your NCS project. Through the generation of detailed historical carbon analyses, we can quantify your impact with a granularity never before seen in the market. Show the world your amazing work.


About Us


The Story

What can I do to help combat climate change and promote social sustainability at scale? This has been a focusing question in the lives of co-founders Stefan, Julian, and Jakob. Their answer: the cutting-edge remote sensing technology in CQuest‘s Active Carbon Monitor (ACM). By enhancing legacy carbon sequestration projects through access to a data-driven remote sensing analysis of lands globally, and by lowering the barriers for new entries into the market, CQuest has developed a way to utilize cutting-edge technologies to help reduce GHG in our atmosphere while supporting historically under-served communities around the world. Carbon analytics has never been more approachable. Now, lets make a difference!

The Team


Loves building products that create a meaningful impact in every step of the way. Connect with Stefan!


Data Scientist with a passion for remote sensing, big earth data modelling, climate action, and the outdoors. Connect with Julian!


Dedicated community builder with a Masters in GIS and a drive to create value wherever he goes. Connect with Jakob!

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