Only satellite imagery can offer deep insights into the carbon life-cycle of soils everywhere. Harness this knowledge with just a few clicks of your mouse — let CQuest do the rest!

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Our Mission

We enable global climate action through data-driven carbon CQuestration and maximize the impact of nature-based climate solutions (NCS) in the fight against climate change.

CQuest was founded in 2020, with the purpose of delivering actionable insights into soils anywhere and everywhere on earth. We are shooting for the stars by designing soil organic carbon (SOC) measurements through the power of satellite imagery and machine learning.

Check out CQuest.Earth to access our prototype platform for CQuestration metrics!

What we do?

CQuest.Earth (beta)

Our (beta) platform to provide immediate value to our customers. Here we aggregate commonly used metrics for determining soil health and productivity in an easy to use and standardized way. Access up-to-date data for top level strategic decisions about new project areas and applicable methodologies.

Our deep learning, remote sensing, and data science foundry. Here we push the status quo by providing accurate soil organic carbon measurements. As new features are developed here, they will be delivered through CQuest.Earth.



Loves building products that create a meaningful impact in every step of the way.
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Data Scientist with a passion for remote sensing, big earth data modelling, climate action, and the outdoors.
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Dedicated community builder with a Masters in GIS and a drive to create value wherever he goes.
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CQuest Data Transfer App
At CQuest we empower climate positive land use managers to conduct analyses of soil organic carbon (SOC) with ease and efficiency. We would like to introduce and share the development story of one of our useful internal tools that is used to ingest and process data – the CQuest data transfer app. Soil data are …
The 3 challenges of NCS
There is no doubt that society must both cut carbon emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere to be on track to stay under a 1.5ºC rise in global average temperatures. According to the IPCC, an increase past 1.5ºC is the point of no return, where the effects of climate change will be too severe …
The Power of Grasslands
One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is population growth. How do we feed the ever increasing population with resources that seem finite? The earth holding an amount of resources too limited to feed a large population is a common Malthusian misconception. With better food practices, such as reducing food waste and managing …
Carbon Farming & Satellite Imagery
Carbon farming has recently been popularized as an innovative nature based climate solution (NCS) to tackle the pressing issue of excessive levels of atmospheric carbon. The shift of conventional agriculture to carbon farming has the potential of turning the industry, known for emitting large amounts of carbon, into a climate solution that stores carbon in …

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